Logo Design

Doña Ana County Early Childhood Education Coalition


The Early Childhood Education Coalition is comprised of over 19 organizations businesses and individuals who are dedicated to providing access to quality early childhood education in Doña Ana County. We created a unique and memorable Logo Design through our process of research and communication.  Sketching, reflecting and revising with the customer achieving the best [...]

Granos de Amor


Granos de Amor or (Seeds of Love) is a unique and memorable logo design that through our process of communication and research we are able to truly portray the organizations mission to advocate for women who have encountered abuse; enabling them to achieve their degrees and contribute to their communities as nurses, teachers, psychologists, [...]

Ngage New Mexico


Ngage NM works actively for change in Southern New Mexico.  Ngage NM Values collaboration, cooperation and consensus building; social justice and racial equity; and data-informed solutions for the betterment of our entire community.  We Are IT is honored to assist Ngage with website design and development, graphic design including flyers, posters, programs, brochures and more [...]